Monday, October 19, 2009

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WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Afghan President Hamid Karzai will announce on Tuesday how he plans to proceed in the Afghan elections, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said, adding she was encouraged by the direction of events.
Clinton said she did not wish to preempt Karzai's announcement but her comments suggested she expected the Afghan president to accept a run-off in the August 20 election, which has been marred by allegations of widespread fraud.
"He is going to announce his intentions. I am going to let him do that but I am encouraged at the direction that the situation is moving," Clinton told reporters.
"I am very hopeful that we will see a resolution in line with the constitutional order in the next several days."
International observers called for an election run-off in Afghanistan after a U.N.-backed fraud watchdog on Monday invalidated tens of thousands of votes for Karzai.
The disputed election has fanned tensions between Karzai and Western governments whose troops are fighting a resurgent Taliban in Afghanistan.
The protracted voting process has complicated U.S. President Barack Obama's deliberations on whether to send thousands more troops to turn the tide in the eight-year war.
Clinton said she believed it was possible to hold a second round of voting before winter sets in. If the election is not concluded by winter, this would extend the political uncertainty in Afghanistan.
(Editing by John O'Callaghan)


  1. Ok today in school i typed a HUGE comment up on my ipod touch and was so proud of how technologically advanced i was being keeping up with this learning trend and what not but for some reason i epicly failed because my ipod hates me [yes that is a very logical reason, my ipod has feelings and they are feelings of hate. So back to the article...............

    Reaaly Hillary Clinton your "allowing the president of Afghanistan to do what he wants" I had no clue Obama gave you god like powers when assigning you secratary of state did he sprinkle pixie dust on you and show you how to flie as well?
    So Obama you might send how many more troops to Afghanistan? thousands more? Rally? Is'nt this the opposite of what you promised america? Because i coulda swore you said something about pulling our troops out of this war... Maybe dear old Bush did keep them there for a good reason huh?

  2. p.s. after finishing all my blogs a day later i discovered your comment and i do apologize for copying and pasting the articles, from now on links only!