Tuesday, November 10, 2009

curent event 9


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  1. For those who have been to Europe or possibly seen across the universe you will know that there is one minescule deatil the Europeans envy us for, our teeth. Due to there sucky health care plan there teeth lack unsucky traits, now so will ours. but that is the littlest of our problems i have not read the whole health care plan but i do know that it will also be a majore problem when i get to be about 80, its supposidly not a big fan of the elderly, and they are a huge pathos appeal. Have they no heart? But this particular article seemed to tick me off all about Bill Clinton stepping in to help Obama. Yes Obama needs help but not from a dimwit like you. Who gets off the phone with his ex wife and say "That's my secretary of state?" Did you forget she hates you or are you just that dumb?