Tuesday, January 5, 2010

15- and its about AVATAR! (good movie)


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  1. Avatar is political dynamite? hmm..... really? Its a good movie but all it remminds me of is disneys Pocahontas.
    The article on line stated that avatar is a warning sign for the future and is all about how greedy us americans can be. "We people" have already taken over our home land from natives and all worked out well besides the goverment having to pay for indian descents college education. So history has taught us nothing but evil, now we look to hollywood block busters for political advise. Yes i do think America has become filled with greed and we need to be carefull but no i do not believe that avatar is there to inform us. Its a movie about blue people that attach their hair to flying purple dinasours.... not so sure i look to that for advice.